Don't just "SURVIVE" to be "ALIVE", Learn to"THRIVE" in an Emergency!


Prepping for Preppers by Preppers

We will have Prepper Networking, Webcast, a Preppers Store, Daily Deals, News, Knowledge Base and more!

Preppers Hangout is a membership web site, meaning you will have to sign up and be approved. We are doing this so we do not have spammers, extreame radicals, "haters", etc. Plus it will allow you to use your username on every section of the site.

If you have ideas, comments, questions or wish to donate time, money, knowledge please contact: Webmaster

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  • Prepper Networking

    Prepper networking pages, Classifieds, Bulletin Boards/Forums. All for preppers, not mixed in with every other kind of category on the market.

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  • Preppers Store

    All the top name brands of prepping products. Daily Specials, Auctions. All in one place. No more searching the Internet and buying from numerous vendors. All of your prepping needs will be right here, in one place.

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  • Knowledge Base

    Current prepping news, searchable knowledge base, Webcast of guest speakers, advice column. Find all the information you need to prepare for natural or man-made disasters in one location. If it's about prepping, it will be here.

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Our Goals

Social Networking

Personal Page for members to let others know about your areas of interest or special expertise

Preppers Store

Browse and purchase from our Preppers Store that will have dozens of vendors all in one place. Making it easier for you to shop.


Be able to sell, buy and trade your goods and services with other Preppers

So much more

You just have to look around and see all that we have to offer. We are sure you will be satisfied with everything you see.

Meet & Greet

We will offer meet and greets via Internet video/chat meetings. Our goal is to find preppers willing to speak about relevant topics, experiences and know how.

If you would like to help us and be a guest speaker please contact us

Local Preppers in your area

We will offer a database of Preppers that you can join to find other Preppers close to you so you can meet, practice (we all need to do more of that), network, etc. Be in touch with local preppers to discuss prepping needs specific to your area.